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All shows are with Draco and the Malfoys and open to ALL AGES!

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tv meme: stolen from [livejournal.com profile] queenofattolia

da rulez:
bold the shows of which you've seen at least three episodes; bold and italicize the shows of which you've seen every episode.

so, i guess you could say i didn't have very many friends as a child )

also, i've been watching the world series of pop culture all this week. i keep expecting the host of the show to zap the losers with a transmat beam (and really, for the questions some of these kids get wrong, they deserve to be transported into an army of daleks).
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my totally non-spoilery comments re. pirates of the caribbean 2 can be summed up in a simple equation: jack davenport + beard = OMGDEDKTHX!!11!?!
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programming for thursday and friday is up.

highlights for friday include:
- george r. r. martin (this time i will harass you, sir and not your poor editor)
- battlestar galactica
- wb, universal and fox previews (dear buddha, i'd like a pony, a plastic rocket and the ootp teaser trailer please, please, please)
- [livejournal.com profile] blackholly!!

the only thing posted for saturday (so far): lost panel at 10.30a in the tenth circle of fandom hell ballroom 20.


Jul. 5th, 2006 09:15 am
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scifi, to further prove their awesomeness, is showing eight episodes of series one doctor who this morning... "rose" to "father's day". unfortunately, it started at 5am PT. but, you know, if you're home and you have the cable... you can catch the doctor and rose holed up in downing street just about now. :)
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it seems as if i have fallen prey to the blogger's malady: information has an expiration date and i can't seem to write fast enough. that and my job is just incredibly hectic. also, i've determined, through careful study and rigorous testing, that i can withstand an almost infinite number of viewings of series one of doctor who without boredom. sadly, this testing has taken up a not-insignificant amount of what might otherwise be labeled "free time". (perhaps this is also why i have laundry piled up like sarah sylvia cynthia stout's garbage.)

so, c'mon, step into my big blue box. have i mentioned that it travels in time?

buffy, please. it takes more than a week to bleach bones. )

where i went wrong was getting on a boat )

and then some stuff happened... )

all right, now i think we're all caught up. what's goin' on with you lot? :)
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the wedding day - altar
the wedding day - altar
originally uploaded by enkeli.

a good friend of mine got married this past saturday and i had the inordinate pleasure of being a bridesmaid.

on being a bridesmaid and never a bride... )

all in all, a good time, i think. but you know, i'd have been just as happy for the married couple if i'd sat in the back row. *g*

also, i promise if i ever do get married (and really, at this point, it doesn't look like that's going to happen, so really no worries there) i will not put anybody through this bridesmaid crap. no, really. i swear.
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all right, here's the deal:

my college reunion is this year and, as such, the alumni committee asks each graduate to fill out a page that contains information on you and your life since graduation. in the spirit of all things elljay, i've decided that this should be a collaborative effort. mainly because i can't think of anything interesting, but also because collaboration is fun, and this thing should be fun! besides, who best to help me than the people with whom i've spent most of my time since graduating?

the rulez:
1) tell me three things i've done, even if they're not true or not real. ESPECIALLY if they're not real.
2) if you need more space, feel free to use a second blue book the comments. :)

[Poll #714217]

what other enkeli readers have had to say about The Life of enkeli (just to, you know, get you started):

"top notch! i could hardly put her down! of course, i could hardly pick her up... but i'm not a strong man."
-jon stewart

"not just a page turner, but a head turner, too! i was up for three days straight, and the coffee had nothin' to do with it."
-jake gyllenhaal

"paris hilton, move over! not because enkeli's taking your place, 'cause she's totally not. but i am so tired of competing for paparazzi time with you, bitch!"
-nicole ritchie
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i have just slept for 16 hours. holy crap.

have been up since 8a and have already got a number of things done. wheee! i'm sure i would have many more things done if i hadn't slept for 16 HOURS OMFG.

so, i have stolen the intarwebs access from next door and am downloading a certain tv show while i go put my own intarnets back up. then, i am off to finish laundry and various other things so that i do not get sucked into the cuteness that is princess diaries 2.

happy easter/passover/vernal equinox/etc.!
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i love baseball as much as the next girl, but not when it pre-empts veronica mars. grrmrr.

good thing i have the tivo... and the intarwebs, for that matter.

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how is it already 11.30p? boo daylight savings. or something. you go to hell, time! you go to hell and you DIE.

in the middle of working. that handsome bastard jon stewart in the background (ZOMG JOHN MCCAIN TOMORROW THAT WILL BE BRILLIANT). still have not done laundry, and as such, still have not packed for stupid business trip tomorrow.

perhaps things will look up if i make some tea? *sigh* maybe i should start interviewing for the houseboy now (hiring not required, right?).
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i was having dinner with a friend, who just so happened to be wearing a joss whedon is my master now t-shirt, when the following occurred:

random woman passing by our table: omg! where did you get that shirt?
friend: um, i dunno. somewhere on the internet? the site is called thinkgeek, i think.
rwpbot: i'm an old friend of joss's. i'm totally going to have to give him shit for this. (walks away)

so random, so funny. and i could have sworn i saw someone in one of these shirts totally fanboying joss at the serenity premiere.
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once upon a time, scifi announced it was going to remake battlestar galactica. i was so turned off when i heard that starbuck was a girl (because, clearly, it was a ploy to draw female viewership a la star trek voyager) that i didn't even bother with this show for the longest. SILLY ME. at the urging of several flisties, i tuned in last year to see (what i now know was) "the hand of god". i had a feeling i was missing some of backstory by the measure of how extremely bored i was because it was hard to decipher what was really going on and why the characters were acting the way they were. so i was like, hey, i tried it, no dice. but the recs just kept coming in, and so i went and bought the season one dvds. what i didn't realise, until after i'd watched the miniseries for the first time, that i was missing out on basically the entire soul of the show. have i ever mentioned that i'm stubborn sometimes? :)

bsg 1.0 or how i learned to stop rebelling and love lee adama )

so, lesson learned: i should know better, at this point, than to doubt the folks that brought us farscape, not to mention the numerous plugs from folks on the flist. never again!

at this point, i've completely caught up with the show. but i've got my break out by season, so next up - bsg 2.0: a nice trip to the forest.
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happy belated birthday, [livejournal.com profile] shakespearechic!

i'm so sorry i missed it, but i'm glad the year is going well for you. i hope you're coming to vegas? if so, i promise to make it up to you then. :)
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happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] lagreyeyes!

i've so enjoyed getting to know you over the past year. *passes around the champagne* now, on to vegas!
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i'll be taking a cruise (don't ask) from san francisco to vancouver in may and staying over in crazy canadia for an evening.

who wants to stalk the battlestar galactica set hang? :)
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happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] lissa_triana!

if the gods are kind, i hope some of your old neighbors *ahem* decide to look you up for your bday. *g*
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happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] queenofthorns!

hope your day is full of cigar and bicep goodness. *g*


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