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'sup, y'all? how's tricks? :)

okay, i've got like five million half-written posts that i've been trying to finish since like, *looks at lj calendar* ... uh, yeah. obviously, if i wait until i finish any one of them to post anything, well, who knows when i will post again?

so, to get back in the swing of things, i found a meme (somewhere? i don't know where...) that looks like it could be fun for all (read: you get to do most of the work!):

all you have to do is comment to this post with questions you'd like to know about me. whatever strikes your fancy. it can be as simple as "what's your favorite movie?" (actually, if you know me at all, you know that's not a simple question) to "how old were you when you got your first kiss?" or whatever. fandom-related questions are allowed, of course!

it's like spin the bottle, but with no bottle. and no closet. and no kissing of any kind really. and the non-existent bottle is pointed forever at me.

*closes eyes* *clicks post button*

let the games begin!

eta: just a quick note - since fandom related questions are allowed, comments might contain spoilers. :)
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all right, youse. i have a LOT going on: my current "outage", lots of supernatural to recap, my wife to murder, guilder to blame for it, etc. etc.. but there are only so many more days until YOU KNOW WHEN and i need your address! (granted, i might already have your address, but humor me. even if you KNOW i have it, put it in the poll. don't worry; no one can see the answers but meeeeee.)

[Poll #891589]

so, last year, i let y'all choose what kind of card you want. this year? ITS A CHRISTMUKAHTATORSHIP. besides, if you require something other than a red and green holiday card, i probably know.

ALSO. like last year, if you live outside of the US, DONT BE AFRAID OF MY POLL. just because i screwed up on the postage last year and you didn't get your enkelicard(tm) doesn't mean i didn't try, yeah? (what? i had them in a bundle with a bunch of other cards and maybe they didn't have postage on and for whatever reason they weren't sent back to me. point: they were in the pile and filled with holiday cheer!!)

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hi! i know i haven't posted in a while, but if i waited to post all the stuff i need to post before i posted this address poll... well, let's just say that it would be longer than i would like.

so, i am in the process of finishing up my cards and realise that i am missing addresses for some of you. so, like.. fill out my poll! even if you think i already have your info... because i probably do, but it's buried under the incredible weight of my 1000+ message inbox. feel free to include phone or other information as well; i am the only one who can view the entries, so no worries there. i promise not to start writing your name and contact information in truck stop bathrooms... unless you'd like me to!

[Poll #638106]

and because this is america and america's a democracy (i'm looking at you, bill o'reilly):

[Poll #638107]

i am not going to promise to write more soon... but i'm workin' on it.

... what are you waiting for?! FILL OUT THE POLL!

eta: remember, if you are giving me your mailing address, also give me your full name AS THE POSTMAN WOULD KNOW YOU. because some of you i only have first names for, and some of you i call angelina johnson. i don't think the postman would be happy with either of those. i would say just email it, but 1000+ messages, people. help a sister out. :)

eta2: non-americans on the flist, do not feel left out! i have cards and know how to use international postage! so, your address, s'il-vouz plait! (granted, it won't get there until 2006, but don't be a slave to the clock! it will be like christmas in january! or boxing day in january! or three kings' day... which actually is in january!)

leik whoa

Sep. 13th, 2005 03:35 pm
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posting from new tech toy. boy, is this a pain in the ass. hehehe.

so, how y'all doin'? miss me? don't answer that.

when i can compose a post that is a) intelligent b) witty and c) does not include a list of any kind, i will update y'all on my not-so-exciting adventures. and i promised hbp squee / analysis as well, didn't i? i suppose i'll post that soon, too. that content i make no promises about *squee*.

so, tell me... really. how ya been?
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so glad january is over. here's hoping february is less crazy. *crosses fingers, hopes to see own shadow tomorrow*

am installing semagic on work computer in the hopes of increasing my posting frequency, because i know you all want to hear about ME ME ME.

also, if anyone knows how to get a windoze computer (XP) to work w/ an airport express, i'm all ears. my wireless network is currently down at home because i've been trying to figure this out, and in not figuring it out, pulled out the ethernet cable and plugged into my yucky windoze work puter. (the windoze burns us, precious! takes it off us!)

so, how are all of you? :)
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found at [livejournal.com profile] musesfool's journal and others...

everyone, post a favorite line from a film here. any film. don't tell me what it is. then go tell someone else to do it, or pimp it in your LJ or something. It will be great--Charge of the Non Sequitur Brigade.

so, i'm adding a little extra... you quote a movie and i have to guess what movie it's from. let's see how the old memory recall is working. ;)

and it has to be a MOVIE. no tv! :P
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shopping for kitchen electrics, and i have to ask...

why would one need:

a) a hand blender
b) a mini pre-prep chopper/grinder dealy (besides the fact that it is ikkle and wee!)
c) a food processor
d) a blender

don't these all do pretty much the same thing at some point? or am i just not getting it?

i have a blender. it's mainly used for margaritas. i just bought a hand blender that came with a nifty whisk attachment. i figured i could use that for mashed potatoes and cake mixes. i think if i get the chopper thingy, i will be set, yes?

i was forced to soothe my ego by picking up a new pair of trousers. they are green. i don't have to know if they chop or puree.
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do i get crazy with the quicken and get all my finances in order....? or do i take two of my stories from my college days and transcribe them into word from hard copy...?

decisions, decisions.

for once, none of these decisions involves doing work. yay!
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so, am having problems using the text tool on certain graphics. also have a question regarding making changes to existing gifs saved for web...

any photoshoppers in the house?

p.s. caffeine RULES ALL.


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