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new artemis fowl book! *runs around*

artemis fowl: the opal deception

looks like it it will arrive sometime around 3 may. raar!
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so, of perhaps a dozen i could list out, one reason i haven't been updating of late is because every spare moment i'm not fencing or working, i've been holed up reading THE CRACK. but i'm almost done with the blue book. probably 100 or so pages to go? i'll be posting about that soon. (i'm sure you're wondering why it's going so slow... if i tried to explain to you, with words, how i am reading this book... well, let's just say the red book will probably have hit shelves before i'm done with my explanation).

also, on friday, i saw "finding neverland".

two things, neither of which i think are spoilers )

in summary: my room is a complete disaster, half of my bed is full of crap that i need to put away, i need to mop the stupid floor, laundry is PILED, but couldn't be arsed to do any of it because THE CRACK OMG. and i bawled my eyes out in the movie theatre and slept like the dead.

pretty good weekend, i think.
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you may already know this, but I thought i'd pass it on...

A FEAST FOR CROWS by George R.R. Martin, the fourth book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, has been delayed again. The new release date is now August 3rd, 2004. You can read what George has to say about it at: http://www.georgerrmartin.com/

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i'm having this issue...

so, while at comic-con last year, i bought a hardcover copy of the UK version of jasper fforde's "the well of lost plots." as some of you may or may not know, this third installment had not been released yet in the states, and you know, i was caught up in the moment and IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY and stuff.

well, now the US version of "well" is out. and the UK version doesn't match the US versions i have of the previous two and my bookshelf will look OFF. argh. but ordering the other two from the UK? expensive, esp. cause the exchange rate is sucking just a little right now, not to mention the fact that the first hardcover's becoming increasingly hard to find...

... am i the only crazy person who cares about this? :)

in other news, i saw jasper fforde at my local bookstore today. he was like a real, live, walking-talking remus, he was. really just adorable.

and the festival of books is coming soon... wheeee.


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