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... but it's only magic if you USE IT. (PSST- I THINK FIVE MIGHT STILL BE MAGICAL THOUGH!)

1) went to the comic book store last night to pick up issue #5 of buffy season 8 and issue #4 of spn: origins. i'm glad i waited to get buffy #5; they always hold both covers for me and dark horse only had one cover at comic-con. i have the most awesomest #5 cover ever!
1a) ended up having a very lengthy discussion with the comic book boyz re. comic-con. one of them mentioned going to see the documentary "the king of kong" panel and a heated debate over level 2 and level 3 of the game ensued. CURSE YOU FOREVER LEVEL 3 ELEVATORS OF DOOM.
1b) comic book boyz have basically taken to SHOWING ME THEIR ORDER CATALOG to make sure i have all the stuff i want in my pull bin. *squishes them*
2) i attempted to drive to the office today and was thwarted by the gold line. seeing as i was trying to get to the office in time for a series of back to back meetings, i promptly turned around and headed back home. it was sorta like a do-over!
3) i am trying to hold out until september (and expected announcements re. new ipods) before i get an iphone BUT I DO NOT KNOW IF I AM THAT STRONG? i do know that my ever-abusive bf steve has called the press to cupertino on 7 aug. HMM.
4) twin peaks gold box set WITH BOTH THE US AND EUROPEAN PILOTS on october 30! (don't worry, season one and two sets, i will still love you the same!)
5) thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bigboobedcanuck, i will soon be the proud owner of friday night lights - season one for USD 19.99. la la la, do not need to wait for repeats, LA!
7) we're starting to hit the best part of summer - the part where SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER HAHAHA. o, october, how i long for you and your new episodes of supernatural!
8) dinner with billie rae tonight. i wonder which justin ringtone she is using this week?
9) man, i really need some new icons.

must finish sending out meeting requests so i can get on the freeway!
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...which has considerably more than five things in. hahaahahah.

fivety! )

harry and the potters tonight! EEE!
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i was going to cut this, but how often to you hear from me these days? i think y'all can stand a little enkelispam. besides, i cut SOME of them. consider this a compromise. :)

- 'member how i was going to have jury duty and get lots of things typed up and posted? 'member that? yeah, that didn't happen. but i suppose you all figured that out by now. you're a crafty lot, you are! so, in short, i win! but i also lose. but! i have all of those awesome spn posts written down *waves notebook*. and jury duty was rescheduled.

- joss is no longer doing wonder woman. too bad, so sad. HOWEVER. this means he's TOTALLY free to write an ep of supernatural. puhleeeeeeze? if it's good enough for ben edlund...? i will totally let you stalk me again at comic-con, joss!

- JOHNNY FUCKING MARR IS WORKING WITH MODEST MOUSE. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS!!!11!11eleventyone!!11 just for that, y'all should go and download their new single IMMEDIATELY.

- dear jared: i didn't mean to stalk u baby. xoxo, me. )

- from the spam folders: message subject "fw:Jared getting HOT". um, excuse me, spammers - where the hell have you been? APPARENTLY YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF THE BINDERS SPAMMERS.

- dear earth, i'm sorry about global warming. no really i am. but for serious, if you're going to freeze over in a big snow hurricane tornado thinger, then pleasepleaseplease trap me in a library with jake gyllenhaal. your friend, me.

- I HAVE ORDERED TWIN PEAKS SEASON TWO FROM AMAZON. like, i cried when i clicked on the purchase now button. that being said, FANDOM YOU ARE NOW ON NOTICE. first johnny marr, now this? why hast thou forsaken me, fandom?

- finally, someone explains rps in terms i can understand. *g* (ps. never stop being CRAZYawesome, supernatural fandom.)

- oh! yeah, so there's this book coming out this summer. guess it's sort of a big deal or something because people are already talking about it and like books come out every summer and stuff? yeah. in the immortal words of ron weasley: you're gonna suffer, but you're gonna be happy about it.

- wherein enkeli almost causes traffic mayhem. )

- so, if you don't know what the tca press tour is, you probably won't care about this next bit. but if you doooooo, you might actually petition to have my fangrrl membership revoked after i explain this next bit to you. )

- also, i guess you figured out that holiday cards didn't really happen. but never fear! i've still got something to send those of you who filled out my little poll. i've not given up yet!

- IPHONE. yeah, i think that pretty much nails it.

still to come (some day... er, yeah): enkeli world tour '07: memphis, tn!
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random things you all should know:
1) i know wil wheaton has like five million fangrrls in the blogverse, but did you all know that he also writes the funniest column ever over at the onion's av club web site? yeah, well neither did i until my roommate pointed it out to me. for anyone who played even ONE of these games, it's the best thing ever.
2) the dandy warhols and david gray came out with new albums last week. (pete yorn, where are you?!)
3) so, there's this little movie coming out in november. 18 nov, to be exact. don't know if y'all have heard about it. supposed to be good, i dunno. anyway, they've updated the trailer for it. all i've got to say is this: SIRIUS FIRE CHAT OMG. (link is a quicktime link)
4) don't try to remove staples with fingernails you don't have.
5) dress shopping this weekend! MUAHAHAHAHA.

on the tv front:
- NUMB3RS STARTS NEW EPISODES ON 23 SEPT. YES THAT IS NEXT WEEK. seriously, if you guys aren't watching this show by now... i don't know what i'm going to do with you lot.
- veronica mars starts on 28 sept. i know it's at the same time as lost, but i care WAY more about what happens to logan than what happens to sawyer. the sharks can have sawyer, but logan better make it back to his car.
- it would seem that fox is re-running bones tonight. you'd think they'd get the hint that if no one watched it on tuesday BEFORE NEW EPISODES OF HOUSE OMG then they're not going to watch it on friday. (it was kinda... not good. and not just because i kept saying to myself, "omg ANGEL why are you in the sunlight ANGEL? buffy's in europe ANGEL why are you in DC ANGEL!?!!!")
- i fear i will have the same reaction when james marsters comes back to tv.
- NEW EPISODES OF HOUSE OMG. *hugs her favorite curmudgeon to self*

i need a freakin icon for these little friday posts of mine. good thing i've got 100 ICONS NOW
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i've got tons of things to post about (including hbp squee) and no time, really, to post about them, but i had to stop EVERYTHING i'm doing right now to tell you all:

-two episodes of veronica mars are being broadcast on CBS tonight at 8pm ET/PT. i know i'm already late for the east coasters, but west coasters have still got 2.5 hours to set the tivo.
-those glorious two hours are followed by NUMBERS, and tonight is the west african flu virus thinger. charlie/math = otp, y0.

go forth and ... er, watch tv!
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1) just because harry potter book six releases at midnight doesn't mean you all can't watch NUMBERS. it's on at 10pm, y'know? tonight is the repeat of the stolen plutonium. whee!
3) comic-con this weekend. w00t! fullmetal alchemist dvd #4, you will be mine. those of you already there better give me all the deets on the veronica mars panel.
4) omg, my chiropractor is the shizzle fo rizzle. neck is like a gazillion times better.
5) you know what i love about my hometown? 99 cent japanese import stores. i picked up 8 sets of really awesome-looking chopsticks for $8. now i can make sure the roommates throw out those awful disposable ones that come with the take out (instead of trying to save them, ew). i also got hello kitty chocolate biscuits, 2/99cents.

okay, shower (because i have massage oil all over, ick) and then packing and then WHEE WEEKEND FUN TIME.

eta: just so people don't think i'm a chopstick snob, it's reusing the disposable chopsticks FOR EATING where i say, "ew." also, "ow," 'cause splinters, yeah? 99cent chopsticks! they are made for being reused and are pretty and 99CENTS. /logic
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1) do i even need to say it? NUMBERS, beyotches. tonight: UFOs and murder. mulder and scully've got nothin' on the eppes brothers. NOTHING. (i'm trying not to think about the fact that there's only ONE EPISODE LEFT WAH).
2) going to see aimee mann at the house of blues sunset tonight. if you're there, i'll be the cute girl in the sparkly turquoise shoes. come on over and say hi! i don't bite... unless you ask nicely. ;)
3) i think i was too subtle in my friday five post from last week. thanks to ix and lissa, i was able to get in to see a test screening of serenity. (i was trying to be subtle only because i knew there were folks who were trying to get tickets for last night's screenings and i didn't want to get all pee wee herman about it). anyway, i mention it again only to properly thank them both. THANK YOU! it was absolutely amazing, and i can't wait for september 30th. other than that, my lips are sealed like the frickin' go-gos.
3a) for all of you serenity screeners, might i suggest the following: [livejournal.com profile] seen_serenity, [livejournal.com profile] serenityspoiler, and the serenity message boards. the rest of you? enter at your own risk, because SPOILERS OMG. :)
4) i am now the proud owner of a piece of art created and signed by micky dolenz. this thrills me in ways very few of you can imagine. i'll take a pic of it this weekend and post it up.
5) my fencing coach is the coolest coach of all the coaches ever.
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1) NEW NUMBERS TONIGHT OMG. cbs. 10pm. don't act like you don't know, beyotches. ;)
2) BIG DAMN THANK YOUS to [livejournal.com profile] ixchelmala and [livejournal.com profile] lissa_triana. i think this comic* sums up why. *floves*
3) i found out an old friend of mine won the tribeca all access writing contest for the second time in a row. i hope he remembers the little people who painted his black box theatre when he hits the big time. ;)
5) i took a knitting class a couple of weeks ago and am starting on my first scarf. wheeeee.

t -120 for removal of rogue streak. w00t!

* link provided by [livejournal.com profile] ixchelmala and [livejournal.com profile] dafnap
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...five things on friday!

1) NEW EP OF NUMBERS WHEEEE. am so glad cbs is making up to me with lots of candy and flowers. (don't you know they make the tv for me me me?)
2) watched american idol this week. who does anwar think he's foolin'? honestly, with the crazy shoulder.
3) i also watched the amazing race. i'm sorry, i know so many on the flist love this show, but omg so annoying. i wanted to reach through the tv and smack at least half of them.
4) how hard is it to get a new battery for your cell phone, you ask? very hard, i would answer. upgrading to a new cell phone, however? piece o' cake, esp. if you have gone to ix's Slytherin Charm School (tm). *g*
5) kidnapping 20 year old girls from their homes? easier than you would think. apparently they stopped teaching that whole "treats from strangers" thing when i left elementary school. ;)

also, make-up fencing lesson tonight! it feels like forever since i've been... NOT ON, SELF, NOT ON.

and happy earth day! a lesson in irony: political opinions follow, you are warned. )
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... or five things on friday.

1) tonight is a repeat of numbers, but it's my favorite ep of all the eps so i will be there with chocolate ice cream and bells and stuff. ("you know, it's considered unsolveable..." "well, certainly people who have failed to solve it might think that." WHEEEEE.)
2) i have made it my mission to rack up numbers fangrrls like WHAT, yo. i will get to you ALL, eventually. yes, you too. /pimp
3) this dude was totally checking me out in the starbucks this morning. those of you who've spent any time with me whatsoever know how COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS i am to this sort of thing, so i know it wasn't my imagination. that was kinda cool.
4) went to the comic book store and chatted with my comic book boys who are, as it so happens, also addicted to fullmetal alchemist. have promised to put fma manga aside for me. <3333333333333333333333
5) i have mcv's milk chocolate digestives and you don't. :P

and yes, i'm STILL working on my numbers recaps. i suck. the show is TEH AWESOME, however. OMGLUV.
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1) why didn't anyone tell me that the cute guys in LA are hangin' out at the cat n' fiddle? dude.
2) felt really old when someone said "judd hirsh... independence day!" because, you know, "taxi".
3) there are people in the world who have not seen "star wars." i don't understand these people.
4) i found the recipe for magnolia bakery cupcakes. oh, yes, and they will be mine. my own. my preciousssssss.
5) the scale says i lost 7lbs, but it obviously has not heard of my magnolia bakery cupcake plan. silly scale.

discuss amongst yourselves. :)


Dec. 17th, 2003 03:37 pm
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so, just woke up after LOTR fun last night/this morning. don't have much time, as I am on my way to an appt across town so, to sum up:

-trilogy party probably one of the funnest things I've done in a while. still plenty of peppermint schnapps left... *g*
-no trailers/previews/whatever you call them at home. was sad, because I was so looking forward to seeing PoA on the big screen, but have already got tickets to see the movie again on friday, raar. (thank you, [livejournal.com profile] notlefthanded!)
-the movie? WOW. so emotional. bring tissues, is all I'm sayin'.
-the audience? way into it, and nary a sound! I mean, people cheered, etc. but NO TALKING. it was awesome. probably the best movie audience I've ever sat with.

now, off I go to appt and to finish xmas shopping. :)


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