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i was going to cut this, but how often to you hear from me these days? i think y'all can stand a little enkelispam. besides, i cut SOME of them. consider this a compromise. :)

- 'member how i was going to have jury duty and get lots of things typed up and posted? 'member that? yeah, that didn't happen. but i suppose you all figured that out by now. you're a crafty lot, you are! so, in short, i win! but i also lose. but! i have all of those awesome spn posts written down *waves notebook*. and jury duty was rescheduled.

- joss is no longer doing wonder woman. too bad, so sad. HOWEVER. this means he's TOTALLY free to write an ep of supernatural. puhleeeeeeze? if it's good enough for ben edlund...? i will totally let you stalk me again at comic-con, joss!

- JOHNNY FUCKING MARR IS WORKING WITH MODEST MOUSE. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS!!!11!11eleventyone!!11 just for that, y'all should go and download their new single IMMEDIATELY.

- dear jared: i didn't mean to stalk u baby. xoxo, me. )

- from the spam folders: message subject "fw:Jared getting HOT". um, excuse me, spammers - where the hell have you been? APPARENTLY YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF THE BINDERS SPAMMERS.

- dear earth, i'm sorry about global warming. no really i am. but for serious, if you're going to freeze over in a big snow hurricane tornado thinger, then pleasepleaseplease trap me in a library with jake gyllenhaal. your friend, me.

- I HAVE ORDERED TWIN PEAKS SEASON TWO FROM AMAZON. like, i cried when i clicked on the purchase now button. that being said, FANDOM YOU ARE NOW ON NOTICE. first johnny marr, now this? why hast thou forsaken me, fandom?

- finally, someone explains rps in terms i can understand. *g* (ps. never stop being CRAZYawesome, supernatural fandom.)

- oh! yeah, so there's this book coming out this summer. guess it's sort of a big deal or something because people are already talking about it and like books come out every summer and stuff? yeah. in the immortal words of ron weasley: you're gonna suffer, but you're gonna be happy about it.

- wherein enkeli almost causes traffic mayhem. )

- so, if you don't know what the tca press tour is, you probably won't care about this next bit. but if you doooooo, you might actually petition to have my fangrrl membership revoked after i explain this next bit to you. )

- also, i guess you figured out that holiday cards didn't really happen. but never fear! i've still got something to send those of you who filled out my little poll. i've not given up yet!

- IPHONE. yeah, i think that pretty much nails it.

still to come (some day... er, yeah): enkeli world tour '07: memphis, tn!
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um, hi. :) so, i know it's been forever. but seriously, every time i get some time to write in this thing, something work-related comes up. it also doesn't help that i've been working, for all intents and purposes, two jobs since about... may? this year? yeah. more on My Life Since 17 July later.

just to illustrate - paint a word picture, if you will - of how life conspires against my blogging, i give you, gentle readers, exhibit a, in the case of enkeli vs. livejournal: the glorious text you see below? i meant to post it TWO THURSDAYS AGO (along with a little recap of spn 2.01 "in my time of dying") when, you know, it would have been RELEVANT. instead i got stuck in waaaay too much holiday traffic, tried to catch up on sleep (failed), had a week's worth of all-day meetings, bollocks'd up my jury duty (rescheduled for this week, yay), and now can't get my wireless router to work.

but, you know what? in the spirit of POSTING SOMETHING, i say fuck it. you get it now.

so, take yourself back, back, back. maybe you'd had too much turkey. maybe you and your little brother got into a fight with the reddi whip (what, it happens). it was thanksgiving and you were, um, giving thanks. *g*

stuff for which i am thankful )

boy, that's a lot.

and since i'm clearly on a roll, and i've got most of it typed anyway, you'll be getting that supernatural recap, too. but like, not now. i've even got one for "everybody loves a clown". actually, i've got one for each ep this season, just never finished them, because - well, we already went through this, didn't we? also, most of them consisted of "askfs'a;sfkdj'alhkf" and "oh, dean!" i guess it's a good thing i will have a lot of time on my hands waiting in the jury duty green room tomorrow.
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it seems as if i have fallen prey to the blogger's malady: information has an expiration date and i can't seem to write fast enough. that and my job is just incredibly hectic. also, i've determined, through careful study and rigorous testing, that i can withstand an almost infinite number of viewings of series one of doctor who without boredom. sadly, this testing has taken up a not-insignificant amount of what might otherwise be labeled "free time". (perhaps this is also why i have laundry piled up like sarah sylvia cynthia stout's garbage.)

so, c'mon, step into my big blue box. have i mentioned that it travels in time?

buffy, please. it takes more than a week to bleach bones. )

where i went wrong was getting on a boat )

and then some stuff happened... )

all right, now i think we're all caught up. what's goin' on with you lot? :)
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the good:
- battlestar galactica: finished season one. more details on this later, but why am i SCOURING BLOCKBUSTER LIKE A CRACK ADDICT for season two? damn you all.
- sleep: due in most part to food poisoning, but was good all the same.

the bad:
- new roommate: moved in this weekend. will take some getting used to, esp since i was used to having the run of the place.

the ugly:
- stupid body, pt. 1: have tmj jaw pain that i thought was tmj but isn't because my chiropractor told me so.
- stupid body, pt. 2: had mild case of what could only be food poisoning. sooooo annoying as i did not get to play as i wanted this weekend.

so, to sum up, i'm not really on speaking terms with the body right now, but have been to the chiropractor, have had a massage and am feeling much better (billie rae says hi, btw). i am also the proud owner of a mint-flavored mouth guard, which contrary to my previous thought, is just a bit of plastic to put between my teeth and is not, in fact, jake gyllenhaal. i suppose he does have better things to do than watch me sleep. ;)

also, i do have a bit of business to take care of here in a bit, so you know, spam warning. *g*
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things that happened this weekend:
- work, work, work: lots of work this weekend because lots of people are going to asia for A Thing. this is the most i've ever used powerpoint in my entire life.
- battlestar galactica: bit the bullet and purchased season one. dvds arrived this weekend. if it sucks, i blame all of you. :)
- the virgin suicides: finally got around to watching this movie. this was obviously sofia coppola's reservoir dogs, in that you could see all the awesome camera work that made lost in translation so great, but doesn't quite come together as well as lost in translation did. i think i would also like to hit the guy that wrote this book in the nose.
- NEW CELL PHONE: i call it "jake". like its namesake, it is teh hawtness... and a whole bunch of other things that i will not mention lest you send the men in the white coats, etc.
- laundry: i rox0red the laundry, y'all.

things that didn't happen this weekend:
- jake gyllenhaal asking me to the oscars: really, we're just good friends. don't believe everything you read on defamer, people. (or on blind truth YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT BUT REFUSE TO MENTION) ;)
- winning the lottery: please to be reading previous mention about work.

DID I MENTION MY NEW CELL PHONE OF LOVE? i can text message and im with the kool kids now. it also syncs with itunes. *hugs to self* *luvs*

in other news, if you aren't watching "the colbert report" then by god what are you doing with your time?! last night's interview w/ barbara boxer almost had me in tears:

barbara boxer: being a senator's great, but you need a hobby, too.
stephen colbert: you know what president lincoln's hobby was? saving the union.

*dies still clutching phone to self*
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the very good news:

i didn't see anything on the futon critic or mediaweek that said how many eps they will order, but YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

also, while there will be no numbers this week, you can look forward to repeats starting 5/27. *runs around in circles*

the very bad news:
if any of you are fans of ANY of the current lush shower gels, you'd better stock up. i was informed yesterday that they're discontinuing all but flying fox when the new shower gels come to the stores in a week or so.

the ugly news:
i fell asleep at 9p last night. i really hate when i do that.
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so, of perhaps a dozen i could list out, one reason i haven't been updating of late is because every spare moment i'm not fencing or working, i've been holed up reading THE CRACK. but i'm almost done with the blue book. probably 100 or so pages to go? i'll be posting about that soon. (i'm sure you're wondering why it's going so slow... if i tried to explain to you, with words, how i am reading this book... well, let's just say the red book will probably have hit shelves before i'm done with my explanation).

also, on friday, i saw "finding neverland".

two things, neither of which i think are spoilers )

in summary: my room is a complete disaster, half of my bed is full of crap that i need to put away, i need to mop the stupid floor, laundry is PILED, but couldn't be arsed to do any of it because THE CRACK OMG. and i bawled my eyes out in the movie theatre and slept like the dead.

pretty good weekend, i think.
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things I may or may not have been up to recently:

- watching west wing eps like a mad person
- fencing
- accepting my nomination for nobel peace prize
- visiting with billie rae
- visiting with my surrogate parents
- going to the spa
- working, working, working

you all get to guess which of these things do not belong with the others. ;)

I'm not even going to promise a big ole long post like I usually do, because it seems to keep me from actually doing it. I want new icons and a new layout too, precious. it's not going to happen this weekend, as I have art class (I'm taking an art class!!) and a fencing tourney.

okay, time to get back to work. I swear once this thing is done, I will have all the time in the world. until then, I leave you with the two following items:

1) music meme! (found on flist somewherez)

da rulez:
1. open your MP3 player.
2. put all of your music on random.
3. write down the first fifteen songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.

the first fifteen )

2) bush, blair nominated for nobel peace prize. (no, this did not come from "the onion").


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