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dear amazon,

why can't i have my jeff buckley cds until APRIL 23RD? i will be searching for my teeth by the time i can hear jeff buckley live at l'olympia.

(of course, i should be thankful that i will be able to search for teeth, etc. as jeff buckley will not be searching for teeth or getting old or anything like that. so.)

this is not on. esp. since you already have my money.

yours in deep sadness and musical longing,
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going through my cds as part of the "cleanin out my closet" portion of today's program (because i think it's good music karma to throw your cds back to the universe) and it brought to mind a conversation i had with my friend manda earlier this week.

i was talking about jeff buckley, you know, like ya do.

amanda: you know, that cute college boy-with-his-guitar everybody loves put a jeff buckley song on his lil personal "what i listen to" list on itunes
amanda: john mayer
enkeli: and good for john mayer because jeff buckley rules.
enkeli: oooh, that's probably my favorite jeff buckley song he's got on there, too.
amanda: :-)
enkeli:: ooh, and he's got teitur!
enkeli: and jimi
enkeli: more people should have jeff buckley on their playlists!!

most of the celebrities give some interesting explanations as to why they listed certain songs. and, i had to go through all of them, didn't i?

enkeli reviews celebrity itunes playlists, based on limited, supremely biased criteria. )

these weren't all of them, of course. there were 52! but, I thought I'd share. :)
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jeff buckley ownxorz me.

some lyrics... )


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