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from [livejournal.com profile] grendel2061 and [livejournal.com profile] manda_in_sd: viral marketing at work - again. when you see this on your flist, quote firefly...

and because i hate following the rules, you get two. *g*

Mal: The next time you decide to stab me in the back, have the guts to do it to my face.

Book: If you take sexual advantage of her, you're going to burn in a very special level of Hell, a level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.


consider this my official serenity post. pls to be posting your thoughts on the flick here. mine are behind the VERY SPOILER-FILLED CUT below. (seriously, unless you've seen the movie NO CLICKY.)

fezzik, are there spoilers ahead? )

i thought that 30 sept would never get here, and yet here we are. *g*
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'angel' casting spoilers within! )

i don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. but it's definitely a thing.

eta: I didn't think this was really a spoiler when i posted it... seeing as it's blasted all over the entertainment news and all... but you know, i was sitting in a meeting and figured i should add a cut, so. *g*
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joss whedon to write new x-men

went to my comic book store today, and had this conversation with the nice guy behind the counter:

comic book dude: you know, joss is writing a new x-men book...
me: x-men?
comic book dude: x-men.
me: you mean like, wolverine and cyclops, et. al.?
comic book dude: yes.
me: huh.
comic book dude: there are no vampires --
me: well, i didn't imagine there would be...
comic book dude: -- will you want to read this?
me: sure, why the heck not. 'cause, wolverine, yo.

was i really the last one to know this?


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