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All shows are with Draco and the Malfoys and open to ALL AGES!

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in honor of this most excellent of "holidays", i give you, my darling flisties, what i consider to be the best love song ever.

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i know i know, it's not a jeff buckley song. don't fall over. but our jeff, he can be a bit maudlin (all that morrissey will do that to a person), and well, i've got 364 more days this year to be maudlin, you know? so, a bit of sunshine on valentine's day, because i heard it said once that if you can't fix it, you've got to stand it. i say why not stand it with a smile. *g*

my plans for this evening: a cupcake; a copy of proof (jake + math = they had me at polynomial); and to top it off, a viewing of the princess bride. oh, and i have a presentation due tomorrow, too. good times, good times.

if i can get it together later this evening, i may post the actual song, because reading the lyrics don't really do it justice.
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guess who has the new coldplay album already?

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um, like, hi. *g*

saw this meme at [livejournal.com profile] casirafics, and figured i could do this quickly and not take up too much work time, since OMGWORKWTFBBQ.

six songs i've currently got on repeat. i've included a couple of lines from each song so you know the love.

ownage! )

i wish i could have listed "speed of sound" here, but really... it's no "warning sign". still, doesn't mean I won't be at the best buy tomorrow at 10am to get my copy of the new album. also, somehow kevin gilbert's "when you give your love to me" fell off the playlist. i fixed that. ("there'll be a perfect cosmic harmonic convergence / when you give your love to me") raar.
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sunset surprisingly empty for a friday night.

strange man (who sounded a lot like paulie from the sopranos, and for all i know WAS paulie from the sopranos) yelled at me from the window of his 5th floor room at the mondrian, "hey sweetness, wanna come up?" uh, no dude.

show was good. mostly songs from new album. very cute rendition of "invisible ink" (which is like my theme song, yo) wherein aimee mann couldn't hit the low note and went william shatner on everyone. i think you had to be there.

time to scrub off makeup and watch numbers. i'll admit to being a little spoiled for the ep... what, did you think i was going to go out on a FRIDAY NIGHT and not find out what happens on my favoritest show? c'mon, people. i thought you knew me better than that. *g*

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also, do not fall asleep while watching "wonderland" on the cable. you'll have strange dreams and wake up feeling like you need to scrub your brain.

but NEW COLDPLAY! i wanna hear it again.
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so, i was already working on this thingy and then [livejournal.com profile] truecrystal tagged me, so...

that music meme thinger:
1. Total number of music files on your computer? home: 4606 "songs", 19.81GB (half of this is my entire HP audiobook collection); work: 119 songs, 429.9MB (i really need to remove these)
2. The last CD you bought was: jack johnson, "in between dreams". haven't listened to it yet, though.
3. What was the last song you listened to before reading this message? well, i'm still listening to it... "sleeps with butterflies," tori amos.
4. Write down five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
"a tear in your hand," tori amos
"last goodbye," jeff buckley
"maxwell's silver hammer," the beatles
"three little birds," bob marley
"when you give your love to me," kevin gilbert

i left off #5, which is where i have to name three people to pass on the meme. i figure you guys are big people and can do the meme if you want or not. :)

in other news... NUMBERS TONIGHT WHEE! )

words cannot express the love.

eta: OMG I ALMOST FORGOT: numbers on at 9PM ET/PT, not 10p like usual. thank you, [livejournal.com profile] dctemo_13.
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found on [livejournal.com profile] webbapettigrew's journal.

the music meme, or how enkeli likes to break the rules to suit her )

i always forget how much i love music until i start something like this. :)
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dear amazon,

why can't i have my jeff buckley cds until APRIL 23RD? i will be searching for my teeth by the time i can hear jeff buckley live at l'olympia.

(of course, i should be thankful that i will be able to search for teeth, etc. as jeff buckley will not be searching for teeth or getting old or anything like that. so.)

this is not on. esp. since you already have my money.

yours in deep sadness and musical longing,
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going through my cds as part of the "cleanin out my closet" portion of today's program (because i think it's good music karma to throw your cds back to the universe) and it brought to mind a conversation i had with my friend manda earlier this week.

i was talking about jeff buckley, you know, like ya do.

amanda: you know, that cute college boy-with-his-guitar everybody loves put a jeff buckley song on his lil personal "what i listen to" list on itunes
amanda: john mayer
enkeli: and good for john mayer because jeff buckley rules.
enkeli: oooh, that's probably my favorite jeff buckley song he's got on there, too.
amanda: :-)
enkeli:: ooh, and he's got teitur!
enkeli: and jimi
enkeli: more people should have jeff buckley on their playlists!!

most of the celebrities give some interesting explanations as to why they listed certain songs. and, i had to go through all of them, didn't i?

enkeli reviews celebrity itunes playlists, based on limited, supremely biased criteria. )

these weren't all of them, of course. there were 52! but, I thought I'd share. :)
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honestly, who do I need to speak with.

eta: itunes, you are forgiven for the moment because I found phranc songs in your store. but I've got my eye on you now.
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jeff buckley ownxorz me.

some lyrics... )


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