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'sup, y'all? how's tricks? :)

okay, i've got like five million half-written posts that i've been trying to finish since like, *looks at lj calendar* ... uh, yeah. obviously, if i wait until i finish any one of them to post anything, well, who knows when i will post again?

so, to get back in the swing of things, i found a meme (somewhere? i don't know where...) that looks like it could be fun for all (read: you get to do most of the work!):

all you have to do is comment to this post with questions you'd like to know about me. whatever strikes your fancy. it can be as simple as "what's your favorite movie?" (actually, if you know me at all, you know that's not a simple question) to "how old were you when you got your first kiss?" or whatever. fandom-related questions are allowed, of course!

it's like spin the bottle, but with no bottle. and no closet. and no kissing of any kind really. and the non-existent bottle is pointed forever at me.

*closes eyes* *clicks post button*

let the games begin!

eta: just a quick note - since fandom related questions are allowed, comments might contain spoilers. :)
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interview meme!!!eleventy!11

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.

2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.

3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions. (so i edited this question - sue me. that whole "you WILL" bit bothered me, okay? :))

4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.

5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

questions from eliste_writes )
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dear brain:

hey, how's it goin'? long time, no talk, I know. things have been kinda busy around here lately.

so, i don't know if you recall, but we've had discussions on this topic previously. i thought we had an understanding, you know? at least, i thought, we'd agreed to disagree. don't ask, don't tell. that kind of thing.

see, here's the deal: when you decide to dream about jared padalecki, it should look at LOT more like this and A LOT LESS less like jared dressed as the man in the yellow hat. (although, i always liked the man in the yellow hat... and i did, for a while, think the man in the yellow hat was a fireman, which given that i watched "devil's trap" the other night sorta makes sense BUT STILL I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO MAKE EXCUSES FOR YOU BRAIN.)

if this continues, i'll have to take drastic measures.

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dear firefox:

i'm sorry, darlin', but i think our time together has come to an end. it's not you, it's me and my old bf safari, who apparently went away and found himself and is now back and really has his shit together this time, so i'm gonna give it a shot.


dear steve jobs:

why do you look so hot standing in front of gigantic application icons?

yours in lust,

and in conclusion, a meme - from [livejournal.com profile] dionneshea:
1. My username is _____ because ____.
2. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
3. My subtitle is ____ because ____.
4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.

what's your name, little girl? )
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i was going to cut this, but how often to you hear from me these days? i think y'all can stand a little enkelispam. besides, i cut SOME of them. consider this a compromise. :)

- 'member how i was going to have jury duty and get lots of things typed up and posted? 'member that? yeah, that didn't happen. but i suppose you all figured that out by now. you're a crafty lot, you are! so, in short, i win! but i also lose. but! i have all of those awesome spn posts written down *waves notebook*. and jury duty was rescheduled.

- joss is no longer doing wonder woman. too bad, so sad. HOWEVER. this means he's TOTALLY free to write an ep of supernatural. puhleeeeeeze? if it's good enough for ben edlund...? i will totally let you stalk me again at comic-con, joss!

- JOHNNY FUCKING MARR IS WORKING WITH MODEST MOUSE. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS!!!11!11eleventyone!!11 just for that, y'all should go and download their new single IMMEDIATELY.

- dear jared: i didn't mean to stalk u baby. xoxo, me. )

- from the spam folders: message subject "fw:Jared getting HOT". um, excuse me, spammers - where the hell have you been? APPARENTLY YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF THE BINDERS SPAMMERS.

- dear earth, i'm sorry about global warming. no really i am. but for serious, if you're going to freeze over in a big snow hurricane tornado thinger, then pleasepleaseplease trap me in a library with jake gyllenhaal. your friend, me.

- I HAVE ORDERED TWIN PEAKS SEASON TWO FROM AMAZON. like, i cried when i clicked on the purchase now button. that being said, FANDOM YOU ARE NOW ON NOTICE. first johnny marr, now this? why hast thou forsaken me, fandom?

- finally, someone explains rps in terms i can understand. *g* (ps. never stop being CRAZYawesome, supernatural fandom.)

- oh! yeah, so there's this book coming out this summer. guess it's sort of a big deal or something because people are already talking about it and like books come out every summer and stuff? yeah. in the immortal words of ron weasley: you're gonna suffer, but you're gonna be happy about it.

- wherein enkeli almost causes traffic mayhem. )

- so, if you don't know what the tca press tour is, you probably won't care about this next bit. but if you doooooo, you might actually petition to have my fangrrl membership revoked after i explain this next bit to you. )

- also, i guess you figured out that holiday cards didn't really happen. but never fear! i've still got something to send those of you who filled out my little poll. i've not given up yet!

- IPHONE. yeah, i think that pretty much nails it.

still to come (some day... er, yeah): enkeli world tour '07: memphis, tn!
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all right, here's the deal:

my college reunion is this year and, as such, the alumni committee asks each graduate to fill out a page that contains information on you and your life since graduation. in the spirit of all things elljay, i've decided that this should be a collaborative effort. mainly because i can't think of anything interesting, but also because collaboration is fun, and this thing should be fun! besides, who best to help me than the people with whom i've spent most of my time since graduating?

the rulez:
1) tell me three things i've done, even if they're not true or not real. ESPECIALLY if they're not real.
2) if you need more space, feel free to use a second blue book the comments. :)

[Poll #714217]

what other enkeli readers have had to say about The Life of enkeli (just to, you know, get you started):

"top notch! i could hardly put her down! of course, i could hardly pick her up... but i'm not a strong man."
-jon stewart

"not just a page turner, but a head turner, too! i was up for three days straight, and the coffee had nothin' to do with it."
-jake gyllenhaal

"paris hilton, move over! not because enkeli's taking your place, 'cause she's totally not. but i am so tired of competing for paparazzi time with you, bitch!"
-nicole ritchie
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i have just slept for 16 hours. holy crap.

have been up since 8a and have already got a number of things done. wheee! i'm sure i would have many more things done if i hadn't slept for 16 HOURS OMFG.

so, i have stolen the intarwebs access from next door and am downloading a certain tv show while i go put my own intarnets back up. then, i am off to finish laundry and various other things so that i do not get sucked into the cuteness that is princess diaries 2.

happy easter/passover/vernal equinox/etc.!
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how is it already 11.30p? boo daylight savings. or something. you go to hell, time! you go to hell and you DIE.

in the middle of working. that handsome bastard jon stewart in the background (ZOMG JOHN MCCAIN TOMORROW THAT WILL BE BRILLIANT). still have not done laundry, and as such, still have not packed for stupid business trip tomorrow.

perhaps things will look up if i make some tea? *sigh* maybe i should start interviewing for the houseboy now (hiring not required, right?).


Sep. 20th, 2005 12:54 am
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whee thunderstorm!

bella is, of course, a little freaked. she keeps looking out the window like the noise belongs to something she can attack.

leik whoa

Sep. 13th, 2005 03:35 pm
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posting from new tech toy. boy, is this a pain in the ass. hehehe.

so, how y'all doin'? miss me? don't answer that.

when i can compose a post that is a) intelligent b) witty and c) does not include a list of any kind, i will update y'all on my not-so-exciting adventures. and i promised hbp squee / analysis as well, didn't i? i suppose i'll post that soon, too. that content i make no promises about *squee*.

so, tell me... really. how ya been?
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1) it's easier to travel on an airplane with two epees than it should be.
2) summer is hot. so is hugh dancy.
3) the next time i go to vegas? i'm so going to know how to count cards like rainman. also? spf15 lip balm.
4) the secret to flying southwest: take either the very first flight or the very last flight. they will always leave on time.
4a) this will mean, of course, that you have to get up at oh-dark-thirty to get anywhere. which means you will not sleep. and you will run late. and worry about your cat all day. and pay through the nose for parking. your flight, however, will be quick and on time.
5) ellery queen is still the bestest detective show.
6) no matter how many days you take off, the laundry will still not get done or put away. take this as a fact of life and move on.
8) you gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away and know when to run.
9) do not taunt the scary lounge singer. he taunts back.
10) batman begins is JUST AS GOOD on the fifth viewing as it is on the first.

all in all, vacation was teh awesome. it was nice to have that much time off, and i was able to catch up with a whole bunch of folks.

now, if i could just get rid of the ebola and this weird muscle cramp in my neck, life would be grand.
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you know, if i'm going to act like a grown up, others shouldn't decide it's "let's-pretend-we're-in-junior-hs" day, because i totally HATE it when i show up to the party in the wrong costume.

i have so much cool stuff to tell you guys, but right now i am tired, i feel like i've just lived in an ep of the l word, and my cat has now decided she needs to exterminate every bug in the house RIGHT NOW.

*le sigh*

i am going to wear my new sparkly shoes tomorrow and no one in the 'verse can stop me.
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spent most of today and yesterday with an old friend from out of town who is back in la to sell her fabulous silverlake bungalow.

it's been awesome catching up with her (she still doesn't quite understand the insanity of the los angeles housing market... i've spent significant time trying to prepare her, but it's not sinking in) but i now have a headache the size of... well at least rhode island at this point. she has two ginormous danes, who are the sweetest dogs i've ever met, but also shed like no one's business. and guess who forgot to take her allergy medicine? oh right. that'd be me. wah.

i'm going to take some aspirin, use some nasal spray and see what happens. hopefully my eyes will stop puffing up at the very least.

you know, this whole allergy thing seemed a lot easier when i pretended i didn't have them. fiddle dee dee.

i swear i need to get steppin towards that houseboy plan asap.

the bright spot: i have lightsaber m&ms and i'm not afraid to use them. er, it. WHATEVER IT LIGHTS UP OMG. /5 yrs old
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friday didn't start out so well... )

...but math pr0n made it better. )

and then i ran into hugh dancy... y'know, like ya do. )

sunday was bad movies and the oscars...er, not together. )

phew. now if i can just make it through the week so i can finish my STUPID projects, which were the start of this whole thing anyway...
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from the label of my bottle of "vital-t" vitamin water:

"is it just us or was sex and the city just a younger version of the golden girls? think about it, four single women, looking for love, gossiping and group hugging. [...] it just goes to show you, grow up but don't get old. [...] after all, age is just a number. just ask rose, carrie, dorothy and samantha."

pretty funny when you think about it, no? and try this one on: the golden girls could have been on hbo! imagine what blanche could have got up to!

now, here's where i could expound on television show concepts and how there are only about five of them (and even that's generous i think; it's probably more like two) but you don't want to read about that.
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1) ...tomatoes are sometimes classified as vegetables?
2) ...drew goddard (ex-buffy writer and frequenter of twop) has written at least one ep of alias? makes me wonder what happened to the other buffy writers.
3) ...about 1 million taxpayers don't deduct their mortgage interest? i wonder what would happen to our deficit if everyone took all the deductions they should.
4) ...spiders are known to be lucky? personally, i just want them to eat the ants.
5) ...george w. bush is reported to have scored a 1206 on his SAT (566 verbal)? (that seems like a converted ACT score to me, but what do i know?) the average score is 1026.
6) ...john malkovich has his own collection? some of the sketches are really freaking me out.

also, connect four! ;)
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so, i called the godaddy.com commercial and figured someone would complain about my bf carson in the diet pepsi ad, which okay fine. this is what puzzles me:

"This year, two people thanked the FCC for a clean half-time show, although two complained about a reference to “California grass” in lyrics sung by halftime entertainer Paul McCartney."

i've got a couple of things to say to those two people:
1) if you bothered to listen to the lyrics, you'd realise they mean something else. i'm not going to tell you what though, because you have to learn things for yourself.
2) this song is older than i am (which is OLD OKAY). i thought people got over this in like 1970. (this also means you've had ample oppty to know this song and all of its lyrics and were free to switch the channel at any point before the lyric was sung).
3) i'm not just saying this because it was paul mccartney (omgwtfbbq!1!!).

also, i bet those two folks (or the folks who complained about the godaddy.com commercial) haven't seen what's goin' on over on mtv's trl these days... let me tell you, lindsay lohan and her ilk are showing way more of themselves to your kids after they get home from school (mtv's trl comes on ~3-4p) than the godaddy.com chick did in 30 secs (or janet jackson did in 3 secs, for that matter).

and that's all i have to say about that.

and for those of you who didn't watch the super bowl, this of course means absolutely nothing to you. :)
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so glad january is over. here's hoping february is less crazy. *crosses fingers, hopes to see own shadow tomorrow*

am installing semagic on work computer in the hopes of increasing my posting frequency, because i know you all want to hear about ME ME ME.

also, if anyone knows how to get a windoze computer (XP) to work w/ an airport express, i'm all ears. my wireless network is currently down at home because i've been trying to figure this out, and in not figuring it out, pulled out the ethernet cable and plugged into my yucky windoze work puter. (the windoze burns us, precious! takes it off us!)

so, how are all of you? :)
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man, i feel like i have so much to tell... so i opened up this window and it sat blank for the better part of the morning. so, ten random things!

1) the new u2 album is pretty good. it's not the joshua tree or achtung baby, but you know, what is?
2) ocean's twelve on friday!!11!!1one!
3) i joined the aclu. constant vigilance!!
3a) i spent some time with the constitution, the bill of rights and the patriot act before i signed up. whoo boy!
4) finally opened up that vanity fair with johnny depp on the cover. this photo appeared in the centre of the mag with a sample of burberry brit cologne. scratch-n-sniff hugh! (c'mon, i'm sure i'm not the first one to think it)
5) a burberry billboard with the same photo now appears hovering over the sunset strip. needless to say, the driver in the lane next to me wasn't pleased with my driving as a result.
6) 97% of people who diet to lose weight fail. my doctor gave me this happy statistic when i saw him last week. that said, he's really pulling for me to be in the 3%.
7) why is it so hard to find a good tinted moisturizer? damn you, cosmetics industry!
8) rotk:ee in one week!!
9) if you guys didn't see the librarian: the quest for the spear on the cable, you guys missed out on some fun tv. :)
9a) i'm also going to have to check out the earthsea thingy despite my ursula k. leguin ban, because the kid who plays the hero looks pretty cute, and that's the quality barometer i like to work with best. :)
10) i think i am the one of like three people in the world who isn't watching lost. i am okay with this.

for those of you playing our home game, that's really 12 things. bonus randomness for you!
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dear brain:

i've heard told that dreaming is a part of your regular sleep function. of course, you've not let me experience much sleep over our 30 years together to have any sort of personal knowledge of regular sleep function. believe me when i say we'll spend some time talking about that later. but I've read some books, you know? and those books say dreaming is good and normal and stuff.

having said that, if you ever, and i mean EVER, cast hugh dancy and adam brody in any future dreams, they should be making out with me in some fashion and NOT making eyes at each other over tea at a table set on a grassy riverbank.

also, adam brody? I DON'T EVEN WATCH THE OC! well, there was that time last year... but, c'mon!

it's bad enough that you keep me up until all hours; must i also suffer these further injustices? where is the love? THROW ME A FRICKIN BONE MR. BRAIN! if this happens again, there will be repercussions! this will not go unchecked!

completely insomniac,

p.s. i won't even discuss my appearance as a pregnant reese witherspoon, because why?


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