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once upon a time, scifi announced it was going to remake battlestar galactica. i was so turned off when i heard that starbuck was a girl (because, clearly, it was a ploy to draw female viewership a la star trek voyager) that i didn't even bother with this show for the longest. SILLY ME. at the urging of several flisties, i tuned in last year to see (what i now know was) "the hand of god". i had a feeling i was missing some of backstory by the measure of how extremely bored i was because it was hard to decipher what was really going on and why the characters were acting the way they were. so i was like, hey, i tried it, no dice. but the recs just kept coming in, and so i went and bought the season one dvds. what i didn't realise, until after i'd watched the miniseries for the first time, that i was missing out on basically the entire soul of the show. have i ever mentioned that i'm stubborn sometimes? :)

bsg 1.0 or how i learned to stop rebelling and love lee adama )

so, lesson learned: i should know better, at this point, than to doubt the folks that brought us farscape, not to mention the numerous plugs from folks on the flist. never again!

at this point, i've completely caught up with the show. but i've got my break out by season, so next up - bsg 2.0: a nice trip to the forest.


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