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i know it's only because everyone's distracted by dan radcliffe's recent purchase that i've not seen this posted... RIGHT?

courtesy of tvshowsondvd.com:


other items of note:
- doctor who will start broadcasting on scifi on 17 mar, so those who will be missing bsg need not despair for too long. the dvds are available now in canada for the economical price of CAD 93.00. current news has the dvds available in the u.s. in july.
- no news on bsg 2.5 dvds.
- no news on my twin peaks season two dvds, but with all the new david lynch releases this year (eraserhead, extended dune, etc.), i am staying strong!

... but really? OMG NUMB3RS ON DVD!?!!!
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shower: check
coffee: check
snacky cakes: check

new numbers season in t -15!!! *runs in circles*

*hangs up do not disturb sign*
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random things you all should know:
1) i know wil wheaton has like five million fangrrls in the blogverse, but did you all know that he also writes the funniest column ever over at the onion's av club web site? yeah, well neither did i until my roommate pointed it out to me. for anyone who played even ONE of these games, it's the best thing ever.
2) the dandy warhols and david gray came out with new albums last week. (pete yorn, where are you?!)
3) so, there's this little movie coming out in november. 18 nov, to be exact. don't know if y'all have heard about it. supposed to be good, i dunno. anyway, they've updated the trailer for it. all i've got to say is this: SIRIUS FIRE CHAT OMG. (link is a quicktime link)
4) don't try to remove staples with fingernails you don't have.
5) dress shopping this weekend! MUAHAHAHAHA.

on the tv front:
- NUMB3RS STARTS NEW EPISODES ON 23 SEPT. YES THAT IS NEXT WEEK. seriously, if you guys aren't watching this show by now... i don't know what i'm going to do with you lot.
- veronica mars starts on 28 sept. i know it's at the same time as lost, but i care WAY more about what happens to logan than what happens to sawyer. the sharks can have sawyer, but logan better make it back to his car.
- it would seem that fox is re-running bones tonight. you'd think they'd get the hint that if no one watched it on tuesday BEFORE NEW EPISODES OF HOUSE OMG then they're not going to watch it on friday. (it was kinda... not good. and not just because i kept saying to myself, "omg ANGEL why are you in the sunlight ANGEL? buffy's in europe ANGEL why are you in DC ANGEL!?!!!")
- i fear i will have the same reaction when james marsters comes back to tv.
- NEW EPISODES OF HOUSE OMG. *hugs her favorite curmudgeon to self*

i need a freakin icon for these little friday posts of mine. good thing i've got 100 ICONS NOW
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i've got tons of things to post about (including hbp squee) and no time, really, to post about them, but i had to stop EVERYTHING i'm doing right now to tell you all:

-two episodes of veronica mars are being broadcast on CBS tonight at 8pm ET/PT. i know i'm already late for the east coasters, but west coasters have still got 2.5 hours to set the tivo.
-those glorious two hours are followed by NUMBERS, and tonight is the west african flu virus thinger. charlie/math = otp, y0.

go forth and ... er, watch tv!
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1) just because harry potter book six releases at midnight doesn't mean you all can't watch NUMBERS. it's on at 10pm, y'know? tonight is the repeat of the stolen plutonium. whee!
3) comic-con this weekend. w00t! fullmetal alchemist dvd #4, you will be mine. those of you already there better give me all the deets on the veronica mars panel.
4) omg, my chiropractor is the shizzle fo rizzle. neck is like a gazillion times better.
5) you know what i love about my hometown? 99 cent japanese import stores. i picked up 8 sets of really awesome-looking chopsticks for $8. now i can make sure the roommates throw out those awful disposable ones that come with the take out (instead of trying to save them, ew). i also got hello kitty chocolate biscuits, 2/99cents.

okay, shower (because i have massage oil all over, ick) and then packing and then WHEE WEEKEND FUN TIME.

eta: just so people don't think i'm a chopstick snob, it's reusing the disposable chopsticks FOR EATING where i say, "ew." also, "ow," 'cause splinters, yeah? 99cent chopsticks! they are made for being reused and are pretty and 99CENTS. /logic
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cbs is airing a repeat of the pilot ep of numbers tonight! this will be the third repeat (i'd say three-peat, but i think i'd have to pay the lakers some sort of copyright fee) which is something i've never seen done with a show not in syndication. yay cbs!

so, go! mush! what are you doing reading lj when you could be watching math pr0n!

wah, is it fall yet?
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the very good news:

i didn't see anything on the futon critic or mediaweek that said how many eps they will order, but YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

also, while there will be no numbers this week, you can look forward to repeats starting 5/27. *runs around in circles*

the very bad news:
if any of you are fans of ANY of the current lush shower gels, you'd better stock up. i was informed yesterday that they're discontinuing all but flying fox when the new shower gels come to the stores in a week or so.

the ugly news:
i fell asleep at 9p last night. i really hate when i do that.
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1) do i even need to say it? NUMBERS, beyotches. tonight: UFOs and murder. mulder and scully've got nothin' on the eppes brothers. NOTHING. (i'm trying not to think about the fact that there's only ONE EPISODE LEFT WAH).
2) going to see aimee mann at the house of blues sunset tonight. if you're there, i'll be the cute girl in the sparkly turquoise shoes. come on over and say hi! i don't bite... unless you ask nicely. ;)
3) i think i was too subtle in my friday five post from last week. thanks to ix and lissa, i was able to get in to see a test screening of serenity. (i was trying to be subtle only because i knew there were folks who were trying to get tickets for last night's screenings and i didn't want to get all pee wee herman about it). anyway, i mention it again only to properly thank them both. THANK YOU! it was absolutely amazing, and i can't wait for september 30th. other than that, my lips are sealed like the frickin' go-gos.
3a) for all of you serenity screeners, might i suggest the following: [livejournal.com profile] seen_serenity, [livejournal.com profile] serenityspoiler, and the serenity message boards. the rest of you? enter at your own risk, because SPOILERS OMG. :)
4) i am now the proud owner of a piece of art created and signed by micky dolenz. this thrills me in ways very few of you can imagine. i'll take a pic of it this weekend and post it up.
5) my fencing coach is the coolest coach of all the coaches ever.
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1) NEW NUMBERS TONIGHT OMG. cbs. 10pm. don't act like you don't know, beyotches. ;)
2) BIG DAMN THANK YOUS to [livejournal.com profile] ixchelmala and [livejournal.com profile] lissa_triana. i think this comic* sums up why. *floves*
3) i found out an old friend of mine won the tribeca all access writing contest for the second time in a row. i hope he remembers the little people who painted his black box theatre when he hits the big time. ;)
5) i took a knitting class a couple of weeks ago and am starting on my first scarf. wheeeee.

t -120 for removal of rogue streak. w00t!

* link provided by [livejournal.com profile] ixchelmala and [livejournal.com profile] dafnap
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... or five things on friday.

1) tonight is a repeat of numbers, but it's my favorite ep of all the eps so i will be there with chocolate ice cream and bells and stuff. ("you know, it's considered unsolveable..." "well, certainly people who have failed to solve it might think that." WHEEEEE.)
2) i have made it my mission to rack up numbers fangrrls like WHAT, yo. i will get to you ALL, eventually. yes, you too. /pimp
3) this dude was totally checking me out in the starbucks this morning. those of you who've spent any time with me whatsoever know how COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS i am to this sort of thing, so i know it wasn't my imagination. that was kinda cool.
4) went to the comic book store and chatted with my comic book boys who are, as it so happens, also addicted to fullmetal alchemist. have promised to put fma manga aside for me. <3333333333333333333333
5) i have mcv's milk chocolate digestives and you don't. :P

and yes, i'm STILL working on my numbers recaps. i suck. the show is TEH AWESOME, however. OMGLUV.
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fencing lesson? check.

shower? check.

chocolate ice cream? check.

cup of tea? check.

numbers in t-5. yay friday!
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i love basketball as well as the next person. i love ncaa basketball even better than that. but no numbers for two weeks? OMG BASKETBALL STAB STAB.

cbs, you big fucking tease.

... but i'll endure your taunting only because NEW NUMBERS EP ON 1 APRIL (really! i'm not joking!) ) *is aflutter*

in the meantime, i've now watched the first seven eps so many times, i could probably qualify for a minor in applied mathematics. or, at the very least, qualify to recap them for you. ;)

recap: numbers 1.07 )

so, i think what i'm going to try to do is recap the remaining six eps and post them here in anticipation of 1 APRIL WHEE. i'm not sure how i'll post them, but they'll be here over the next week.

besides, it'll give me something fun to do since work is complete ass right now. OMG I MIGHT HAVE TO WATCH THE EPS AGAIN. say it ain't so, joe. ;)
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dear cbs,

why do you torment me with your real media-encoded videos? all i want to see is the preview for this week's numbers.

bereft and bewildered,
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so, i was already working on this thingy and then [livejournal.com profile] truecrystal tagged me, so...

that music meme thinger:
1. Total number of music files on your computer? home: 4606 "songs", 19.81GB (half of this is my entire HP audiobook collection); work: 119 songs, 429.9MB (i really need to remove these)
2. The last CD you bought was: jack johnson, "in between dreams". haven't listened to it yet, though.
3. What was the last song you listened to before reading this message? well, i'm still listening to it... "sleeps with butterflies," tori amos.
4. Write down five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
"a tear in your hand," tori amos
"last goodbye," jeff buckley
"maxwell's silver hammer," the beatles
"three little birds," bob marley
"when you give your love to me," kevin gilbert

i left off #5, which is where i have to name three people to pass on the meme. i figure you guys are big people and can do the meme if you want or not. :)

in other news... NUMBERS TONIGHT WHEE! )

words cannot express the love.

eta: OMG I ALMOST FORGOT: numbers on at 9PM ET/PT, not 10p like usual. thank you, [livejournal.com profile] dctemo_13.
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from [livejournal.com profile] _jems_:

cbs is picking up more eps of numb3rs!

that makes for 12 episodes in total! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (as you can see, i am simply ignoring the fact that there were only going to be EIGHT episodes, because now there are MORE).
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okay, so while all of you have been over on sci fi watching the new battlestar galactica, i've been quietly watching math porn numb3rs over on cbs.

in my not-so-humble opinion? y'all are missin' out.

first, a little something you may not know about me: i love to hear people talk about math, esp math majors. they get so excited and i think that's cool. i dated one once and ... yeah. (it didn't hurt that he was cute and had a nice voice, *g*). so, omg you don't even know how much i'm in love with david krumholtz's crazy math genius character. he's so adorkable and math-obsessed and <33333333!

also? math is k00l. (yeah, it is. no really. i'm serious!)

and THEN you get rob morrow, FBI AGENT! let's just put aside the little crush i have on rob morrow for a moment. FBI AGENT! solving crimes with a TIE and sunglasses and HANDCUFFS.

and then there's always-awesome peter macnichol as the crazy math genius mentor dude (OMGBBQ!!111!!). it's like i wait for the part of the show when we get to go see him and he says things like "here, sit down and join our string theory discussion lunch group!" i would so be the girl with a copy of godel, escher, bach one table over, eavesdropping.

it's like, the writers camped out in my brain for a week to glean all of my tv show hot buttons and then MADE IT FOR THE TV! the only thing that would make this even more fantastic is if they found mathematical cyphers in, like, shakespeare or e.e. cummings or something. i think i would make a serious attempt to snog my television at that point.

so, why aren't you watchin', huh? i know you all have tivo! *eyebrow*

also, when did friday 10pm become such a popular time slot? i just realised that i couldn't record bsg even if i wanted to; i'd miss numb3rs and monk!! dude, you can't mess with my friday night crazy obsessed detective type tv watching night!


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