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i love baseball as much as the next girl, but not when it pre-empts veronica mars. grrmrr.

good thing i have the tivo... and the intarwebs, for that matter.

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random things you all should know:
1) i know wil wheaton has like five million fangrrls in the blogverse, but did you all know that he also writes the funniest column ever over at the onion's av club web site? yeah, well neither did i until my roommate pointed it out to me. for anyone who played even ONE of these games, it's the best thing ever.
2) the dandy warhols and david gray came out with new albums last week. (pete yorn, where are you?!)
3) so, there's this little movie coming out in november. 18 nov, to be exact. don't know if y'all have heard about it. supposed to be good, i dunno. anyway, they've updated the trailer for it. all i've got to say is this: SIRIUS FIRE CHAT OMG. (link is a quicktime link)
4) don't try to remove staples with fingernails you don't have.
5) dress shopping this weekend! MUAHAHAHAHA.

on the tv front:
- NUMB3RS STARTS NEW EPISODES ON 23 SEPT. YES THAT IS NEXT WEEK. seriously, if you guys aren't watching this show by now... i don't know what i'm going to do with you lot.
- veronica mars starts on 28 sept. i know it's at the same time as lost, but i care WAY more about what happens to logan than what happens to sawyer. the sharks can have sawyer, but logan better make it back to his car.
- it would seem that fox is re-running bones tonight. you'd think they'd get the hint that if no one watched it on tuesday BEFORE NEW EPISODES OF HOUSE OMG then they're not going to watch it on friday. (it was kinda... not good. and not just because i kept saying to myself, "omg ANGEL why are you in the sunlight ANGEL? buffy's in europe ANGEL why are you in DC ANGEL!?!!!")
- i fear i will have the same reaction when james marsters comes back to tv.
- NEW EPISODES OF HOUSE OMG. *hugs her favorite curmudgeon to self*

i need a freakin icon for these little friday posts of mine. good thing i've got 100 ICONS NOW
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i've got tons of things to post about (including hbp squee) and no time, really, to post about them, but i had to stop EVERYTHING i'm doing right now to tell you all:

-two episodes of veronica mars are being broadcast on CBS tonight at 8pm ET/PT. i know i'm already late for the east coasters, but west coasters have still got 2.5 hours to set the tivo.
-those glorious two hours are followed by NUMBERS, and tonight is the west african flu virus thinger. charlie/math = otp, y0.

go forth and ... er, watch tv!


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