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how is it already 11.30p? boo daylight savings. or something. you go to hell, time! you go to hell and you DIE.

in the middle of working. that handsome bastard jon stewart in the background (ZOMG JOHN MCCAIN TOMORROW THAT WILL BE BRILLIANT). still have not done laundry, and as such, still have not packed for stupid business trip tomorrow.

perhaps things will look up if i make some tea? *sigh* maybe i should start interviewing for the houseboy now (hiring not required, right?).
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day 1:
cups of coffee: 4 (subpar, honestly). work at new facility started. free starbucks! chair broken, but shall install chain link steering wheel and ride it out low rider style.

still do not rule world.


watching x-files on tnt and why is no one pimping their totally awesome crossover fic where csm and jack bristow plot to take over the world? OMG CSM IS JACK BRISTOW UNDERCOVER ISNT HE?! DONT LIE THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!

o, x-files, how i miss you.

also when did miguel ferrer get so totally hot?! like, where the f have *i* been? i mean, i loved him as albert rosenfield (r-o-s-e-n-f-i-e-l-d) but good god. you gotta give a sister a minute to prepare for that kind of hotness. can't just spring it on a person.

and speaking of hotness, any of you catch jonny lee miller as byron on bbc america this weekend? no? too bad for you.

eta: apparently i missed rupert everett as sherlock holmes. instant karma is a bitch.
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1) quit job DONE!
2) drink coffee (repeat)
3) eat muffin DONE!
4) unpack

well, two out of four ain't bad. *g*

hope to have a wrap up of the past week done tonight while catching up on tv shows. WHEE.
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please try to grasp this concept. i will use small words with few syllables in the hope that you might understand...

you can sit and pick a part a letter all day. you can rearrange words and phrases and sentences to your heart's content (as long as you don't break any grammar rules, because we've already talked about how it makes enkeli crazy... and when enkeli is crazy PEOPLE DIE).

but please, for the love of god and ice cream and all that is good and pure in the world, do not, under any circumstances, ask to have something added back during the 13th hour of this wonderful process we like to call corporate communications, which you decided, not 48 hours ago, simply could not exist in the world.

lesson learned: do not give inches, unless you want to run miles to retrieve them.

no kisses for you (you come back one year!),
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to the marcomm writers who sent these crap email drafts:

as a fellow writer and frequent user of the english language, i understand taking liberties with style for effect. but people, grammar is grammar. just because you marked it red doesn't make it any more right.

so, as i sit here and review the email drafts you sent me, I wonder: are you trying to make me crazy? i just wanna know, because i think this knowledge will save us all a lot of time in the long run.

as writers, i expected better of you.

taking away your red pen, i am, as ever...
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can't believe we're already in march. amazing.

legs have been in pain all week from fencing class. never realised walking was such a privilege. for all my complaining, though, it's been a terribly fun pain to acquire. learned parry four and six last week. very hard to practise parries without weapon, so have concentrated on footwork instead. lunging is fun!

found it very hard to explain parry without being in front of someone, as attempted to do that with a friend this week and just really fell flat. not generally much of a gesturer when i speak, but was wishing the internet had gesturing capabilities. sometimes this medium doesn't really get it done.

get to take a last minute trip to atlanta for business next week. woo. why couldn't my company be international? or at least have a base of operations in.. oh... nyc? or seattle? or austin, for that matter? the upshot: will have the opportunity to visit a good chicken and waffle joint. so many downsides that i shan't bore you all with them here.

have developed new girl-crush on eliza dushku. anyone who saw last night's AtS knows why. :)


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