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all right, here's the deal:

my college reunion is this year and, as such, the alumni committee asks each graduate to fill out a page that contains information on you and your life since graduation. in the spirit of all things elljay, i've decided that this should be a collaborative effort. mainly because i can't think of anything interesting, but also because collaboration is fun, and this thing should be fun! besides, who best to help me than the people with whom i've spent most of my time since graduating?

the rulez:
1) tell me three things i've done, even if they're not true or not real. ESPECIALLY if they're not real.
2) if you need more space, feel free to use a second blue book the comments. :)

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what other enkeli readers have had to say about The Life of enkeli (just to, you know, get you started):

"top notch! i could hardly put her down! of course, i could hardly pick her up... but i'm not a strong man."
-jon stewart

"not just a page turner, but a head turner, too! i was up for three days straight, and the coffee had nothin' to do with it."
-jake gyllenhaal

"paris hilton, move over! not because enkeli's taking your place, 'cause she's totally not. but i am so tired of competing for paparazzi time with you, bitch!"
-nicole ritchie
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i'll be taking a cruise (don't ask) from san francisco to vancouver in may and staying over in crazy canadia for an evening.

who wants to stalk the battlestar galactica set hang? :)
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so far today, i have:

- not slept. GO ME.
- not had to wear my coat. don't get me wrong, i wasn't wearing shorts, but i certainly overpacked in that regard.
- sniffed out the nearest starbucks in record time. literally 30 secs from walking out of the hotel. i could throw a rock and hit three more. it's ridiculous.
- waited an hour for my hotel room to be ready. my bad, i suppose, for leaving at oh dark thirty and getting here right at the start of check-in time.
- during that hour, restrained myself from spending OMG SO MUCH MONEY at h&m. why do we not have one of these in l.a., i ask you?
- had a conversation in which someone used the sentence, "my gay rabbi is having sex tonight."
- found the 24-hour duane reade, in which many bottles of water were purchased.
- watched four eps of battlestar galactica season two.

i've never stayed in this part of midtown before; it's feels so close to everything! er, except for magnolia bakery, which i will make a special trip for tomorrow. WHEE. i did bring a camera, so perhaps there may also be pictures, if i can get the yucky windowz work laptop to do my biddling. also, if i think to take pictures. hehehe. so funny, that... how those darn pictures just don't take themselves.
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i will be traveling to nyc this weekend and will be there until march 1! anyone want to get together for some coffee or sommat? drop a note in this post or text me if you do. or, you know, try the magnolia bakery. *g*


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