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i was going to cut this, but how often to you hear from me these days? i think y'all can stand a little enkelispam. besides, i cut SOME of them. consider this a compromise. :)

- 'member how i was going to have jury duty and get lots of things typed up and posted? 'member that? yeah, that didn't happen. but i suppose you all figured that out by now. you're a crafty lot, you are! so, in short, i win! but i also lose. but! i have all of those awesome spn posts written down *waves notebook*. and jury duty was rescheduled.

- joss is no longer doing wonder woman. too bad, so sad. HOWEVER. this means he's TOTALLY free to write an ep of supernatural. puhleeeeeeze? if it's good enough for ben edlund...? i will totally let you stalk me again at comic-con, joss!

- JOHNNY FUCKING MARR IS WORKING WITH MODEST MOUSE. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS!!!11!11eleventyone!!11 just for that, y'all should go and download their new single IMMEDIATELY.

- so, someone on my flist knows someone whose coworker's roommate is jared's girlfriend. (my best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw ferris pass out at 31 flavors last night! i guess it's pretty serious.) go six degrees of lj!
- no, i'm not linking to it. but trust me when i tell you that he and his gf sound freakin' adorkable. and really, if you watched even TWO minutes of anything with jared in it, this should come as no surprise to you.
- also it's worth mentioning that he keeps his fan mail, according to this source, IN A BINDER. A BINDER?!!! this tells me two things: 1) HE IS CLEARLY NOT GETTING ENOUGH FANMAIL - at least, not enough fanmail that isn't so creepy he has to chuck it and 2) even if he wasn't teh hawt, the knowledge that he keeps BINDERS would win undying love and devotion from me. for reals, y'all - binders increase teh hawt like 100-fold.

- from the spam folders: message subject "fw:Jared getting HOT". um, excuse me, spammers - where the hell have you been? APPARENTLY YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF THE BINDERS SPAMMERS.

- dear earth, i'm sorry about global warming. no really i am. but for serious, if you're going to freeze over in a big snow hurricane tornado thinger, then pleasepleaseplease trap me in a library with jake gyllenhaal. your friend, me.

- I HAVE ORDERED TWIN PEAKS SEASON TWO FROM AMAZON. like, i cried when i clicked on the purchase now button. that being said, FANDOM YOU ARE NOW ON NOTICE. first johnny marr, now this? why hast thou forsaken me, fandom?

- finally, someone explains rps in terms i can understand. *g* (ps. never stop being CRAZYawesome, supernatural fandom.)

- oh! yeah, so there's this book coming out this summer. guess it's sort of a big deal or something because people are already talking about it and like books come out every summer and stuff? yeah. in the immortal words of ron weasley: you're gonna suffer, but you're gonna be happy about it.

- okay, so the best way to get from burbank to hollywood is to take barham to highland, right? which means you have to drive right between warner bros and universal studios. well, warner owns all of the billboards round there and the one at the top of the hill at barham is this switcher billboard thing that has billboard promos for three cw shows and switches between them at indeterminate time periods. i get to the top of barham the other day and nearly RUN OFF THE ROAD when this pops up.

JEEZY CREEZY CW. like, give a girl some warning, yeah?

- so, if you don't know what the tca press tour is, you probably won't care about this next bit. but if you doooooo, you might actually petition to have my fangrrl membership card revoked after i explain this next bit to you. anyway, the television critics hold their press tour in pasadena - have for as long as i've known about the tour and that's about 10 years (i'm sure it's gone on much longer than that, but i can only talk of what i know *g*) - at the ritz carlton in pasadena to be exact. the thing lasts about a week, each network gets a day, blahblahblah detailscakes and the cw panels were on the last day (friday). now, i'm sure you're saying to yourself, "self, why is she making SUCH a big deal... stuff in l.a. is far away from lots of other things and who wants to fight traffic etc to try and get to some mangy old hotel? also, how did she think she was going to get near enough to see anything good anyway?"

okay, i don't think you understand. lemme 'splain. my sekret underground enkelilair is located IN PASADENA. please to be seeing the illustration i have provided below.

JARED AND JENSEN ONE MILE AWAY FROM MY HOUSE AND I SAT AT HOME. fellow fangrrls, i apologise. i have brought shame on the house of my father, etc.! *hangs head in shame* i will find a way to redeem myself, just wait! (and if you are doubting that i could have got in if i'd dressed up and gone down there, then you kinda don't know me so well. *g*)

- also, i guess you figured out that holiday cards didn't really happen. but never fear! i've still got something to send those of you who filled out my little poll. i've not given up yet!

- IPHONE. yeah, i think that pretty much nails it.

still to come (some day... er, yeah): enkeli world tour '07: memphis, tn!
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