Dec. 5th, 2006

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um, hi. :) so, i know it's been forever. but seriously, every time i get some time to write in this thing, something work-related comes up. it also doesn't help that i've been working, for all intents and purposes, two jobs since about... may? this year? yeah. more on My Life Since 17 July later.

just to illustrate - paint a word picture, if you will - of how life conspires against my blogging, i give you, gentle readers, exhibit a, in the case of enkeli vs. livejournal: the glorious text you see below? i meant to post it TWO THURSDAYS AGO (along with a little recap of spn 2.01 "in my time of dying") when, you know, it would have been RELEVANT. instead i got stuck in waaaay too much holiday traffic, tried to catch up on sleep (failed), had a week's worth of all-day meetings, bollocks'd up my jury duty (rescheduled for this week, yay), and now can't get my wireless router to work.

but, you know what? in the spirit of POSTING SOMETHING, i say fuck it. you get it now.

so, take yourself back, back, back. maybe you'd had too much turkey. maybe you and your little brother got into a fight with the reddi whip (what, it happens). it was thanksgiving and you were, um, giving thanks. *g*

stuff for which i am thankful )

boy, that's a lot.

and since i'm clearly on a roll, and i've got most of it typed anyway, you'll be getting that supernatural recap, too. but like, not now. i've even got one for "everybody loves a clown". actually, i've got one for each ep this season, just never finished them, because - well, we already went through this, didn't we? also, most of them consisted of "askfs'a;sfkdj'alhkf" and "oh, dean!" i guess it's a good thing i will have a lot of time on my hands waiting in the jury duty green room tomorrow.


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