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interview meme!!!eleventy!11

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.

2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.

3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions. (so i edited this question - sue me. that whole "you WILL" bit bothered me, okay? :))

4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.

5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

questions from [livejournal.com profile] eliste_writes:

1. Is your little Servant of the Dark Lord showing her Dark Mark yet?
dude, it only shows up when the dark lord calls! also, she has lots of fur.

2. What is the current itinerary for the enkeli World Tour 07?
january - memphis, tn
may - new orleans, la
june - lahaina, hawaii
july - san diego, ca
august - indianapolis, in

possible stops to be added:
portland, oregon
vancouver, canada
anchorage, alaska (!!11eleventy!)
lawton, oklahoma

3. What do you believe in?

i'll have you know that answering this question is what has taken me so long to post this.

so, borrowing a bit from "crash" davis, here's your answer:

i believe in love, people, the beatles, stacytime (tm), doc martens, good champagne, guitars, ice cream, sunsets, and the plays of william shakespeare and tom stoppard. i believe in the karma bus despite the fact that stalin died in his sleep. i believe in my mother and her ability to get anything done in the universe with a working phone, her index finger and the sound of her voice. i believe in catching flies with honey. i believe in life on other planets. i believe in jared padalecki's mole - seriously, it's like it calls to me in my sleep or something. i believe in opinions: in having them, in others having them and in respecting them even if they don't agree with you. i believe in hard work of any kind, valet parking, the desert, the ocean, hot showers and i believe in the untold powers of the music of jeff buckley.

i'm not sure if that's the answer you were looking for, but there you have it.

4. If your ultimate dream job had to include your new purple sleeping bag, what would it be?
wow, i can't even think of a job, let alone a dream job, that would require sleeping. or dreaming.

5. How many bedrooms does the Condo now need to accommodate its occupants?
not as many as you might think. it's sorta like the room of requirement, you know? also, you're assuming people sleep there? hahaha. that's cute. ;)

Date: 2007-07-13 01:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sunbrae.livejournal.com
Join us in the streets where we don’t belong, don’t belong. You and the stars throwing light.

I kinda love your answer for #3.

Date: 2007-07-13 07:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] eliste-writes.livejournal.com
possible stops to be added:
portland, oregon
vancouver, canada
anchorage, alaska (!!11eleventy!)

oo! those could all be put together in one big trip of love & happiness...

anyway, YAY for answers :) :) and, as i was looking for *your* answers, these are the perfect ones. and i agree with [livejournal.com profile] sunbrae--#3 answer is pretty fantastic. :)

also, you're assuming people sleep there?

i figure exhaustion has to set in sometime ;)

Date: 2007-07-13 11:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] adjrun.livejournal.com
Good night, room.
Good night, moon.
Good night cow jumping over the moon.
Good night bears, and good night chairs.
Good night kittens and good night mittens.

Date: 2007-07-18 09:47 pm (UTC)


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