Jun. 7th, 2005 10:18 am
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um. so, i just read my email and it would seem that i have qualified for usfa summer nationals in dv3 women's epee.

*sputters* *checks email for spoofing*

eta: so, email is legit. will be signing up shortly. WHEE!
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so, it was fencing tonight, like every tuesday. and as always, i generally get more than my fair share of marks on the lifetime "learn something new every day" tally.

lesson the first: a good coach always knows how to motivate. )

lesson the second: my coach really is the coolest. )

lesson the third: fifteen year old boys have long memories. )
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yea, tho I sucketh verily, I will join my second fencing tournament on sunday.

registration closes at 8am. closes. 8am.

as I was told last night, fencing is spelled FUNcing. we'll see how fun 6am will be. :)

ordered equipment supposed to show up via UPS today. *bites nails*

ETA: just got off phone w/UPS. equipment not showing up until monday. am a little Upset.
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can't believe we're already in march. amazing.

legs have been in pain all week from fencing class. never realised walking was such a privilege. for all my complaining, though, it's been a terribly fun pain to acquire. learned parry four and six last week. very hard to practise parries without weapon, so have concentrated on footwork instead. lunging is fun!

found it very hard to explain parry without being in front of someone, as attempted to do that with a friend this week and just really fell flat. not generally much of a gesturer when i speak, but was wishing the internet had gesturing capabilities. sometimes this medium doesn't really get it done.

get to take a last minute trip to atlanta for business next week. woo. why couldn't my company be international? or at least have a base of operations in.. oh... nyc? or seattle? or austin, for that matter? the upshot: will have the opportunity to visit a good chicken and waffle joint. so many downsides that i shan't bore you all with them here.

have developed new girl-crush on eliza dushku. anyone who saw last night's AtS knows why. :)


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